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As a Spiritual Facilitator, I work with individuals privately, guiding them through a process of feeling rather than thinking about what they are feeling.  Many of us have tried to solve our painful experiences with the “thinking mind,” which is a master of discerning, analyzing and figuring things out.  It is a tremendous tool for our use, however, it cannot analyze, discern or solve anything on the level of our feelings and this is where healing takes place.

When we suppress our feelings, avoid them and ignore the messages our physical body is sending us, the result is dis-ease in our mind and body.  Healing cannot happen through the mind.  It needs to happen in and through the heart.   It needs to happen in and through our feelings.  As we connect with our feelings, the suppressed energy of our pain is released opening the way for healing to begin.

This process moves you into compassionate self-forgiveness, love and acceptance of yourself and others. It clears away what you no longer need and gives you the insight and opportunity to create the life you truly desire.